Saturday, February 22, 2014

LEARN THE SONG AND YOU CAN 'READ ALONG' in the text of the book.

Animalations books all include an original song, so.... just learn the song and you can read along... even if you are a pre-reader or non-English speaking. I am the author of Animalations books. My family is from Sweden. I actually had to go to Stockholm and talk to my Swedish cousins to find out... Swedes are using Animalations books to learn the English language. I am an author, but I am also the founder of SpringStone Montessori Schools. I believe in using phonics to sound out letters in words as a child learns to read. However, children learn in different ways. Some children learn best by using music to learn to read and that is where Animalations books enter the scene. Phonics or sounding out letters in a word is fine, but imagine a child who has confidence that he can read the entire book, even before he learns to sound out the letters in a word. Teachers at SpringStone Montessori comment on children who use Animalations original songs to sing the words in the text of the book before they can read. In doing so, they also learn bigger words because the bigger words just happen to be in the song. Then all of a sudden, "Mommy, listen to me sing this song. I can sing the song and read this story at the same time." Owning early learning and Montessori Schools in four states for almost 40 years, I can attest to the satisfaction children, teachers and parent receive, by "Singing the song and Reading along in the book."

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