Saturday, May 3, 2008

111 Ways to Jump Start Your Child's Learning

111 Ways to Jump Start Your Child's Learning  is a guide to learning with practical tips for everyday implementation. It is the result of 30+ years of educating young children. To better explain the concepts, here are a few samples:

Pair a picture book with a musical CD that sings the words in the picture book. This multi-sensory experience will make connections between neurons in the brain stronger and more permanent. Strong connections between neurons make learning easier for children.

Stimulate the brain through tactile experiences or simply through touch. There are 3000 nerve  receptors located in the fingertip, just under the skin.  Since a blind individual can obtain a college degree by tracing Braille dots with one finger, it makes sense that children learn and stimulate their brains by touching. Allow the child to repeatedly touch objects in the environment because the fingertip is a ‘superhighway’ to the brain.

Because a child under five years is a fine-tuned machine capable beyond his years, adults should be available to provide oil for this machine, but then get out of the way as it runs on its own. Adults can suggest routes, but if left alone, the machine may leave the ‘beaten track’. This is where intelligence begins.  

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What's Unique About Animalations Books

Animalations books now have 9 books in print and 15 national awards. We are very proud of our track record since Animalations is a relatively new company that started in January 2006. 

The 9 Animalations books currently in publication are full color picture books for young children, that include a musical CD that sings the words in the text of the book, exactly as they appear in the book. In this way, children can read along in the book, even if they are pre-readers. Animalations books are also excellent for families with gifted children that are seeking stimulating early childhood books that will help their children become top-notch readers. 

Animalations books also provide a great opportunity for children with learning disabilities because they are immediately stimulated when they hear the song and wish to follow along in the book as they sing along.  

It is common knowledge that multiple stimulus: music, language, rhythm, rhyme, repetition, all play an important role in stimulating and rewiring the human brain. Animalations books provide an avenue for this type of stimulation. 

Animalations books also include a moral, social lesson that can be discussed after the book is read. There are also teaching notes, science notes, and musical composition in the back of each