Monday, March 21, 2011

111 WAYS TO HELP JUMP START YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING is the result of over 43 years in early childhood education, specializing in Montessori methods. Share this booklet with parents and teachers, as well as other educators. Animalations Publishing is so proud to offer this booklet as a FREE DOWNLOAD on
111 WAYS TO HELP JUMP START YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING is now available as a free download on This booklet is filled with creative ways to help your child progress in the early years. Samples are as follows:

Be a facilitator of learning rather than a teacher. To facilitate learning, be available to assist as needed and nurture the child on his road to learning. Generally, children need opportunities to learn - rather than being taught. Learning then becomes a product of experience.

Stimulate the brain through tactile experiences or simply through touch. There are 3000 nerve receptors located in the fingertip, just under the skin. Since a blind individual can obtain a college degree by tracing Braille dots with one finger, it makes sense that children learn and stimulate their brains by touching. Allow the child to repeatedly touch objects in the environment because the fingertip is a superhighway

to the brain.

Remember the toddler is a self-absorbed being. He is totally interested in self-gratification and instant gratification. Adults should never try to change the powerful person locked in a little body, but provide safe guards so the toddler can continue his journey with as little interruption as possible.

Give permission for the child to move ahead at his own speed rather than the speed of others in the group or in the family. Encourage the child’s teacher and/or care giver to allow the child to move on to the next level instead of waiting for others. Greater learning will take place if a child moves at his own speed.

....And the list goes on. DOWNLOAD your copy today - at no charge. Go to and look for FREE DOWNLOAD.