Monday, June 6, 2011


As early as this week, one app will be available for iphone and ipad. I will have a temporary site set up - until I get my permanent Animalations itunes site up and going. I will tweet and blog the link. The first interactive app is MR. WALRUS AND THE OLD SCHOOL BUS. This app will be available at no charge - all around the world. It will include three tabs: I CAN READ, READ TO ME, PLAY FOR ME. The PLAY FOR ME tab will include the original song that sings the words in the text of the app. Children and adults will learn the song and be able to read the book, even if they are not fluent in English and/or pre-readers. Offering this ebook/app at no charge, we hope to provide a worldwide SPLASH of Animalations books.

The second book to be offered is RILEY THE RHINOCEROS. This ebook/app will be available in 2-3 weeks and will be available at a reduced price. Watch for updates.

Soon, each printed Animalations book will be available online, as an interactive app.

NOODLE AND BUTCH: look deeper: there is much more than you can see on the outside....
FLEMING THE LEMMING: help others solve problems - you're helping your fellowman...
GOOSE WITH THE DROOPY WING: work a little harder to catch up with all the rest...

Each of these apps will be interactive, musical and engaging. Each will also have a heart- warming message that will be delivered at the end of each app-ebook. At this time, we have no plans to re-print Animalations books. They will be available in interactive app format only. Therefore, if you have a set of Animalations books - keep them safe. They should become collectors items in the future. Happy reading and I will keep you updated.