Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today June 14, 2011: New Free App for iphone and ipad

MR WALRUS AND THE OLD SCHOOL BUS is a FREE itunes app. Just sign into itunes, search for US Design Dynamics and download Mr. Walrus free. The app includes READ-TO-ME, PLAY-FOR-ME, I-CAN-READ. If you are non-English speaking, learn to read today! Parents: if your child’s a pre-reader or just loves to read, Animalations apps are for you because the words in the song are the same as the words in the app. Singing the song enables you to read-along in the ebook. Check the newsletter on animalations.com for more information.

Animalations.com apps will be available on US Design Dynamics, until our Animalations page is available on itunes.com. We’ll keep you posted.

We are so excited to offer MR. WALRUS AND THE OLD SCHOOL FREE, around the world. Be the first to download this new app. New apps available soon are:

RILEY THE RHINOCEROS: that would be preposterous!

SLY THE DRAGONFLY: fly so high you touch the sky, because… that’s the way to fly

CASSANDRA THE COW: in strawberry heaven

GOOSE WITH THE DROOPY WING: he flew with great pride - navigating the way

All Animalations apps include READ-TO-ME, PLAY-FOR-ME, I-CAN-READ, and a song that sings the words in the text of the book.