Saturday, January 23, 2010

I had a huge learning curve after attending the Literary Conference in December 2009. The greatest lesson for me is the opportunity I have as a self-publisher assist parents and educators in their quest to provide children with stimulating products. In a nutshell; children need stimulating experiences to develop the brain. If you read the research on you will find information about strong connections between neurons in the brain, necessary for children to learn. Strong connections require strong stimulation found in multi-sensory experiences. You can create multi-sensory stimulation by combining two or more of the following: reading, rhyming, singing, dancing, movement, clapping, tapping. All of these activities develop patterns in the brain, necessary for strong neuron connections.

With children, we have a captive audience; they are eager to learn. Knowing that, it is our responsibility to provide them with stimulating experiences that will encourage strong neuron connections in the brain that will make language development a breeze. I will keep you updated, but in the meantime, read the research on or do a google search for: neuron connections and child development, or 'how to develop strong neuron connections.'

Remember: reading a story to a child provides some stimulation but it is not enough to make strong connections between neurons. If you add rhyming verses, music, movement along with the significant adult, you will elevate the experience to a life changing experience for the child.

I have 14 original songs on,,, and others. Get started today. You can also go to and do a search for intellitale or animalations. Your child will be able to view videos at no charge. In 7 months, Intellitale Video has nearly 13,000 views and it is growing daily.