Friday, August 26, 2011

Animalations iTunes: 6 Educational eBook Apps

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 25, 2011 – An original song - sings the words in the text of the story. Pre-readers and non-English speaking learners around the world can now sing-along: The inclusion of a song is ingenious. It elevates the ebooks to more than a reading experience. By employing music, the author provides more tools for teaching. -Writer's Digest.

Animalations apps are available in 122 countries with the greatest downloads in USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, Chile, Thailand, France, Singapore, Jamaica, Indonesia, India and United Arab Emirates. Non-English speaking learners enjoy each story as they learn the English language.

Author Patricia Derrick brings vast experience and knowledge regarding early childhood and language development. As founder and director of SpringStone Montessori Schools, Derrick has authored a full-line of children's ebooks designed to educate while viewers experience music and language.

LITTLE GOOSE WITH THE DROOPY WING plans to be a leader the in the sky. Soon his body comes alive and he navigates his flock through a storm-filled sky. CASSANDRA THE COW eats all the strawberries on the way to the fair. Upon arrival, the children milk Cassandra and yes, they get strawberry milk.

Louwse the Mouse visits the children’s house everyday. When he finally gets a house of his own in the back yard, he continues to visit the children’s house -everyday. LOUWSE THE MOUSE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

What can be more fun than Mr. Walrus driving around town in an old school bus, but Mr. Walrus knows he can't be late: he has a five o'clock date. MR. WALRUS AND THE OLD SCHOOL BUS.

RILEY THE RHINOCEROS gives rides to baby animals in the jungle, but he can't give rides to all the grown-up animals because that would be preposterous.

SLY THE DRAGONFLY tells his friends, "You can fly with droopy wings, close your eyes, not see anything or you can fly so high you touch the sky, because life is the way you fly".

Coming soon: LOUWSE THE MOUSE IN THE BIG-APPLE TREE (Rockefeller Ctr. New York City)

Animalations ebook/apps are available for download on iTunes (iPad, iPhone and iPod), for $2.99. Watch for $.99 specials. Language skills sizzle and neurons fire in the brain as children experience 'multi-sensory' stimulation in each Animalations ebook/app.

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