Thursday, September 1, 2011

What can be better than a FREE APP, for Labor Day weekend. MR. WALRUS AND THE OLD SCHOOL BUS, AND CASSANDRA THE COW are both FREE for the month of September. Tell your friends and download like crazy.

Also, SLY THE DRAGONFLY and LOUWSE THE MOUSE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, are selling for $.99 for the month of September, while $2.99 is still an excellent price for GOOSE WITH THE DROOPY WING and RILEY THE RHINOCEROS.

As children enjoy the song while reading these books, they will want to do it over and over again because of the multi-sensory stimulation they are experiencing. The reader has no idea the experience is firing neurons in his brain, thereby, making stronger connections (synapse), and.... stronger neuron-connections makes learning easier for children.

We have something NEW coming-UP, in our next app. The viewer will be able to select any page in the app and by pushing a button, the page turns into a puzzle. I like to call it the scrambler. No instruction is necessary. The child immediately uses a finger to move the puzzle pieces into the correct order. How fun! Watch for it in: LOUWSE THE MOUSE IN THE BIG APPLE TREE. Of course the Big Apple Tree is the huge evergreen tree placed in Rockefeller Center for the December holidays. Did you know there's a world inside that tree? You can hear the song on iTunes, Napster and other online music sites. In future blogs, I will provide snippets from the screen play so you can learn more about the real Big Apple Tree in New York's Rockefeller Center.

Countries downloading Animalations ebook apps: USA, China, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, India, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and the numbers are growing everyday. Of course, non-English speaking viewers can use the ebook-apps to learn English by simply learning the words to the song. Why? Because the words in the song, sing the words in the story. It is so easy to learn the words to the song because of the melody and patterns in the music. So... when the viewer sings the song, he/she is actually reading a story written in the English language. Again, how fun!