Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LOUWSE IN THE BIG APPLE TREE is a new app, available for download on ipad, iphone and ipod. This wonderful, holiday app tells the story of the Big Apple (New York City) and the evergreen tree that is placed in Rockefeller Center each year. It is the story of Louwse the Mouse pushing through the branches of the tree to find a busy community of tree workers inside the tree, ever so busy, getting ready for the holidays. Louwse discovers an elevator in the trunk of the tree that takes him to each of the ten levels of the tree. On each level, Louwse quickly volunteers to help the workers move forward because there is so much to be done to get ready for the holidays. Then on the tenth level, Louwse is selected to drive the sleigh through the sky to deliver joys to children around the world. Price:$2.99 includes an original song that sings the words in the story. This wonderful tale will be shared year after year, by children around the world.

Animalations has 7 new ipad/iphone apps on iTunes. They rotate each week: FREE, 99¢. $1.99, $2.99. Please help by reviewing your favorites.

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